Matt Case - December 1st, 2023 - 2:08am PST 

    BERLIN — In a quaint German town, a local resident has taken holiday decorating to a record-breaking level, boasting 555 individually decorated Christmas trees in his home. This extraordinary display, verified by The German Institute of Records, now holds the title for the most Christmas trees in a single residence.

    The homeowner, whose identity remains under wraps, shared that each tree is a beacon of festive spirit, offering a unique theme and decoration style. His passion for Christmas trees has turned his home into a winter wonderland, attracting both admiration and disbelief.

    View of the hallway of Susanne and Thomas Jeromin's home, the official world record holders with their 555 decorated Christmas trees in one home, is seen in Rinteln, west of Hanover, Germany, November 30. REUTERS/Jana Rodenbusch

    The German Institute of Records, known for documenting remarkable achievements, confirmed the count. Their team spent hours navigating the forest of trees, each adorned with twinkling lights, shiny baubles, and an array of ornaments that capture the essence of the Yuletide season.

    While the homeowner finds solace and joy in his Christmas tree collection, his wife holds a different view. She expressed her desire to clear the house of the ever-growing forest, citing space constraints and the overwhelming nature of the display.

    Undeterred, the owner has already set his sights on next year's goal: to reach a milestone of 600 decorated trees. This ambition underscores his dedication to spreading holiday cheer in a grand, unconventional manner.

    Neighbors and locals have mixed reactions. Some see it as a magical addition to their town, while others find it excessive. Regardless, this Christmas tree haven has become a topic of conversation far and wide, illustrating the diverse ways people celebrate the holiday season.