Matt Case - October 25th - 7:51 PDT 


    SUMNER, WA  — Amazon, a pioneer in incorporating robotics into its massive warehouse operations, has initiated a trial phase with a bipedal robot known as "Digit" to tackle repetitive tasks.

    Employees at Amazon's experimental BFI1 facility in Sumner are witnessing the introduction of Digit, a humanoid robot designed by Agility Robotics, a startup headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon. Standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175cm) and weighing 143 pounds (65kg), Digit possesses the ability to move forwards, backwards, sideways, and even crouch when necessary. Sporting a distinctive blue chest, two square lights for eyes, and both arms and legs, this new robotic addition to Amazon's workforce is currently dedicated to recycling the iconic yellow boxes once their contents have been depleted.

    Amazon's continuous exploration of robotics underscores its commitment to enhancing efficiency and productivity within its vast warehousing operations. With Digit entering the scene, the company aims to further streamline tasks in its facilities while advancing the integration of robotics alongside human employees.

    The incorporation of bipedal robots like Digit is part of Amazon's ongoing journey to redefine the future of warehousing and logistics, promising exciting developments in the field of automation.