Matt Case - November 18th - 5:31am PST 

    LOS ANGLES - In a groundbreaking move, Amazon has announced plans to start selling cars on its platform, beginning with Hyundai models starting next year. This announcement, made at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show, marks a significant shift in the automotive retail landscape.

    Customers will soon have the ability to select a Hyundai vehicle, customize it with their desired features and accessories, and finalize their purchase through Amazon. The process includes scheduling the delivery of the vehicle through a local dealer, integrating the convenience of online shopping with the traditional car buying experience.

    Amazon's entry into the automotive sales sector signifies a major step forward in e-commerce, expanding its vast marketplace to include cars. Hyundai is the first car brand to partner with Amazon in this venture, signaling potential future expansions with other brands.

    This move by Amazon is expected to transform how consumers purchase vehicles, offering a level of convenience and accessibility previously unseen in the automotive industry. It also raises questions about the future of traditional car dealerships and the broader implications for the automotive sales model.