Matt Case - October 27th - 6:55am PDT 

    TOKYO — A Japanese firm has unveiled a fully operational, life-size robot reminiscent of the popular "Transformers" franchise, offering thrill-seekers and robotics aficionados the chance to pilot a 14-foot colossus.

    Despite bearing a striking resemblance to the shape-shifting robots from the beloved series, this mechanical marvel does not morph into a vehicle. Instead, it transforms into a massive, wheeled steel structure. Weighing in at three and a half tons, the robot is equipped with articulated arms and hands capable of forming fists, adding to its impressive range of motion.

    Potential buyers should be prepared to shell out a cool $3 million for the experience. While its top speed is a modest six miles per hour, the sheer size and presence of the robot are sure to make a lasting impression in any neighborhood.

    The Japanese company's foray into life-size robotics marks a significant achievement in the field, showcasing the country's continued innovation and leadership in technological advancements.