Matt Case - October 16th - 7:54am PST 


    SEATTLE — In a remarkable feat of dedication and quirky passion, a Seattle woman has earned a coveted spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for her extraordinary collection of rubber ducks. Charlotte Lee, who embarked on her peculiar journey back in 1996 with just a handful of rubber ducks intended to adorn her bathroom, never anticipated that her collection would balloon to record-breaking proportions.

    Initially, Lee's modest ambition was to stop at merely seven rubber ducks, but fate had a different plan in store for her. Over the years, her collection has burgeoned into a staggering assemblage of 5,631 rubber duckies, an accomplishment that now stands as a testament to her fervor and commitment to the hobby.

    What makes Lee's collection all the more remarkable is the fact that she didn't single-handedly amass this multitude of rubber ducks. As her enthusiasm for these buoyant bath companions continued to grow, friends and acquaintances began to contribute to her collection, each duck adding to the vibrant tapestry of her obsession.

    Intriguingly, Lee's fascination with rubber ducks rekindled, and she resumed her acquisition endeavors with renewed vigor. Not content with local sources, she harnessed a global network of enthusiasts to assist her in tracking down rare and unique specimens from every corner of the world.

    Today, Charlotte Lee proudly holds the world record for the largest rubber duck collection known to man. The sheer magnitude of her collection surpasses even the capacity of a standard bathtub, leaving her with an extraordinary testament to her passion for these whimsical aquatic companions.