Matt Case - November 2nd - 7:06am PDT 

    In an innovative twist on a classic treat, Nestle Toll House has introduced a unique edible creation: a chocolate chip cookie shaped like a shot glass. This inventive product allows consumers to enjoy their milk inside a cookie, rather than the traditional method of dipping a cookie into milk.

    To obtain one of these cookie shot glasses, interested individuals are invited to register on the Nestle Toll House website for a chance to win. The company is marketing this product not just as a playful inversion of a beloved snack routine, but also as a novel accessory for holiday celebrations.

    While the phrase "get totally plastered" could imply excessive drinking, it is important to note that the cookie shot glasses are intended for use with milk or other non-alcoholic beverages. The product represents a creative and festive way to bring a touch of sweetness and fun to holiday gatherings.

    Nestle Toll House is well-known for its array of baking products, and this latest offering showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and its desire to create enjoyable experiences for customers. As the holiday season approaches, the cookie shot glasses are poised to add an extra layer of cheer to festivities nationwide.