Suddenly... it's 1978 -- and gas is only 96.9 cents per gallon!

    Suddenly – It’s 1978 and Gas is 96.9 cents!


    When was the last time you bought gas for less than a dollar a gallon? It’s been a while hasn’t it? Most likely it was 1978 if you were even driving back then!   But for hundreds of drivers who waited in line this week for a tank of gas  it was 1978 that didn’t cost much more than $10. Where? Wait for it.


    The newest Nisqually Market on Canyon Road East in Frederickson. Where’s Frederickson you ask? Great question. I had to Google it too. Upper Pierce County south of Spanaway. It’s a great location in an area that is bustling in growth. And bustle they did in droves for the Ribbon Cutting, Tribal Blessing, and Grand Opening of the Nisqually Market this week.


     Of course, getting 96.9 cents a gallon for regular and diesel fuel was a great incentive. As were the free donuts, sandwiches, grilled and smoked salmon and coffee. It was a great grand opening featuring a 12-pump, full service fueling station.


    Full service? In case you forgot what “full service” means, allow me to explain. You need fuel; you drive in, stay in your car, and allow the service to come to you. It took less than 20 minutes for drivers (including me) to get our tank of 96.9 cents a gallon gas. County sheriffs’ vehicles were situated with lights on at several entry points to help direct traffic (although I suspect they were inside enjoying coffee and donuts too). And to think, the naysayers said it wouldn’t be worth their time.


    The newest Nisqually Market joins the other five markets all strategically located along the north/south interior corridor of East Thurston county northward to Pierce county. Location, location, location as the real estate agents say. Not only is the location easy to access, just ask me; I rode north on the I-5 from Olympia to SR 512 and cut south to Frederickson in about 40-minutes, but you’ll find everything from soup to nuts, beer on tap, and your favorite tobacco products.


    Did I mention the staff? If there is one thing I know about the Nisqually Tribe, they are a friendly, caring people. They care about you – the customer. And they laugh. They laugh a lot!


    So, let’s run this down again in simple terms. The Nisqually Market in Frederickson is now open for your convenience (Shell Gasoline & Diesel), has hot and cold prepared foods,  a beer cave and growlers, coffee and Espresso, cold drinks, snacks, automotive necessities and groceries.


    Will the 96.9 cent gas return?  Keep listening to KAYO 96.9.  You never know! 


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