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Olympia project held up as example by National Endowment for the Arts
The Olympia area has set a national example for harnessing the power of art. The National Endowment for the Arts has highlighted a collaboration between the Squaxin Island Museum and … Click to Continue »
City of Lacey melds 50th anniversary celebration with holiday cheer
The city of Lacey celebrated its 50th birthday Monday, inviting the public and former and current city officials to peruse its history and hear guest speakers. All of it led … Click to Continue »
Driver injured when vehicle crashes 75 feet into ravine
A driver was injured in a single-vehicle crash down a wooded ravine at 22nd Avenue Southeast and Boundary Street Southeast in Olympia near the Watershed Park trail entrance at about … Click to Continue »
Yelm school bus crash victim: “Everybody was yelling ... ‘Stop the bus, stop the bus!’”
The families of four students in the Yelm Community Schools have reported that their children were injured in the school bus crash that happened Nov. 28 when a substitute bus … Click to Continue »
Bizarre behavior, firing from job preceded fatal shooting
In the days before he fatally shot a Tacoma police officer, Bruce R. Johnson II was fired from his job at a barbershop and banned from the Tacoma Mall for … Click to Continue »

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One of the most significant tax changes affecting higher income taxpayers was the Net Investment Income Tax that went into effect on January 1, 2013. But don't be fooled. In certain circumstances, it can also affect moderate income taxpayers. Keep reading to learn more about this tax and how it could affect you.
As a business owner, do you hire people to help out with a particular project or as part-time staff? Do you get confused about whether those people are employees or independent contractors? This article explains the differences between the two classifications.
Are you retired (or soon to be) and thinking about moving to a state with lower income taxes than the one you currently reside in? Read this first.
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