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LeMay Family Collection is Big TIme
I attended a pretty decent sized classic car show last month. Maybe 150-175 cars on display. It was a good show. But it pales in comparison to what is going on this weekend at the LeMay Family Collection in Marymount.
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  • How nice to see this positive piece on our community
    I was quite captured to see this online on National Geographic's website. A true testament to the great work everyone did to make this event the spectacle it is. And monumental tribute to those who participate each year with these beautiful canoes and adornments.
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  • As a businessman working in Seattle, I traveled the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Portland many times. When southbound from Seattle, I looked forward to driving through the Olympia area because it was such a pleasant and scenic part of the trip.
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  • Is it the water...?
    The jingle was ubiquitous forever..."It's the Water and a lot more...!" Remember? At the time, until Olympia Brewing was sold and ultimately closed in 2003, that was the slogan that enticed us to pick up a 6-pack.
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  • VIDEO of one of the A-Z songs on KGY this weekend.
    Doo-Wop...that urban curbside music of the 50s was fading. The British Invasion was around the corner when an unknown band called the Tokens slammed to number one in 1961.
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