South Sound Summer of Fun

    Welcome to our South Sound Summer of Fun! A BIG Thank You to all our Sponsors!



    Summer of Fun Events!

    June 20th -    Thirsty Thursday at Cheney Stadium                            6pm-8pm

    June 23rd -     Lady Luck Steakhouse                                                4pm to 6pm

    June 26th -     Sticker Stop at Amici in Graham                                  11am-1pm

    June 28th -     Sticker Stop at Nisqually Boomtown Fireworks           4pm-6pm

    June 29th -     Sticker Stop at Tactical Taylor                                      11am-3pm

    July 1st -        Sticker Stop at Famous Daves                                     4pm-6pm

    July 3rd -        Lacey's 3rd of July Fireworks                                       5pm-11pm

    July 6th -        Dustoff Music Festival                                                  10am-10pm

    July 11th -      Thirsty Thursday at Cheney Stadium                           6pm-8pm

    July 13th -      Lacey South Sound BBQ                                             11am-6pm

    July 19th -       Community Expo & Bite of MC, Railroad ave Shelton  11am-6:30pm

    July 24th -       Sticker Stop @ Valley Feed, Belfair                                  11am-1pm

    July 26th -       Sticker Stop at Mullinax  of Olympia                               4pm-6pm     

    July 31st -       Sticker Stop                                                                               TBD

    July 31st  - August 4th - Thurston County Fair : Specific Day                   TBD

    August 2nd -   Sticker Stop Grays Harbor County Fair                           11am-1pm

    August 7th -    Sticker Stop                                                                               TBD

    August 8th -    Sticker Stop                                                                               TBD

    August 14th -  Sticker Stop                                                                               TBD

    August 21st -  Sticker Stop at Kitsap Fair                                                    5pm-7pm

    August 31st -  Sticker Stop at Roy Rodeo                                            11:45am - 1:30pm