This is Olympia 2017 - Local Photographer Ricky Osborne

    Artist’s Statement

    From bridges to rooftops, the photos in this series were taken from various vantage points throughout the city of Olympia. I’m drawn to city environments for their complex, colorful scenes. I first examined photography in Japan where I studied at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in 2009. I absorbed the culture shock with my camera, documenting the subtle and extreme ways in which Japan differed from the United States; the architecture, the behavior and fashion of the people on the street, the neon nightlife — all served to bolster my creative inspiration. I don’t think of photography as being separate from myself. I think of it as a creative bonding of capabilities. Just as my body of work continues to grow, my perspective continues to evolve.

    Ricky Osborne


    Instagram: @ricky_osborne